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In the beginning…

It’s been a little over twenty years when I first started using the internet as a part of my daily work/studies. In those years it’s been amazing to watch how it has evolved to what it is today. The next twenty years will be just as transformative and possibly even more.

So what does this blog have anything to do with this. Well in those years, the internet has helped usher in changes that go beyond technology. As a technologist, a father, a manager, an entrepreneur, a human, it has been a fascinating journey. And during that journey there have been various little mis/adventures, insights, nagging questions and just plain awesomeness (to me at least). So mid way through my adventures I thought I might as well share some of these as it seems some people, offline, find it interesting and maybe others online will do so too.

Don’t hold your breath but do engage your mind. Enjoy the randomness.

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